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Dilli Labs provides fast, reliable and secure web hosting services on our powerful servers deployed at a reputable data center here in San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA. As part of hosting with Dilli Labs, you will also get FREE SSL certificate for life, 24/7 phone support and FREE managed daily remote backups. Unlike traditional web hosting providers, we do not advertise a fixed price and configuration with catchy phrases to entice you to host with us. Every application has its own needs. We evaluate your hosting needs and give you a FREE quote. We begin by evaluating your existing technology stack (LEMP, LAMP, MEAN, etc), the size of your application and the amount of traffic it receives.

Please check out the images of our infrastructure:

A few perks of hosting with us :

High Performance

Our infrastructure is top of the class. We use Solid State Drives (SSD) for storage with reading speed of 550 Mbps and write speeds upto 520 Mbps compared to the fastest conventional hard disk drives (HDD) that have read/write speeds of only upto 125 Mbps. Random Access Memory (RAM) is another factor that affects the performance of your application. Our servers run on 8-32GB of RAM. We provide unlimited storage. Currently, each of our servers have atleast 1TB of storage but if it falls short, we will upgrade to higher storage at no additional cost to you. The hosting servers are connected to internet with a 1 Gigabit ethernet which provides ample bandwidth to your applications. We use nginX web server and mariaDB to serve your application that are optimized for performance.

FREE SSL Certificate

If your site does not have an SSL Certificate, we will install one for FREE for as long as the website is hosted with us. We will configure your website to move to HTTPS. Most e-commerce websites using third party payment services like Stripe or Paypal require them to be on HTTPS. So, regardless of whether you host with us, this is an absolute MUST.

24/7 Support

We take great pride in what we do. If there is an issue bothering a customer, it bothers us more. We can sleep well only if our customers are happy and their sites are up and running smoothly. So, if you host with us and hit a snag, give us a call or email us. We will wake up in the middle of the night and fix your issues because we own it! No fancy 'Ticketing' mechanism, or 'LIVE Chat' or talking with robots. We are for REAL and we get going when the going gets tough for our customers.

FREE Remote Backups

The possibility of data loss haunts every one who has critical assets hosted online. One can mitigate these concerns by taking regular back ups. Most cheap hosting providers leave it upto the customers to back up their assets themselves. Some provide FREE tools via cPanel to do so. Others charge you a great sum for back up services. At Dilli Labs, we believe that backups are not an option. We will take care of it for you at no extra cost. Every day during after hours our back up scripts wake up to back up your critical assets (files and database) and upload it to another server shared with you. We sleep at peace after planning for hardware failure.

Security : FREE DDoS protection and Firewall

Did you know that a third party consortium SpamHaus.org maintains a list of malicious IPs who are known to mount attacks on systems worldwide ? Click here for the list. Our security framework constantly updates the firewall rules on our servers to block all IPs in this list thereby preventing attacks. Most hackers exploit the vulnerabilities on your website from the front end. If any of these malicious IPs try to open your website hosted on our server, they won't able to view it at all because our firewall rules would have blocked them at the network level. This provides for greater protection on your site(s) hosted with Dilli Labs.

In addition to this, we have FREE DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection that blocks IPs making more than a reasonable amount of requests to your site thereby keeping resources free and preventing a server overload. We have deployed tools such as Fail2Ban that scans server log files and bans IPs that show the malicious signs - too many password failures, seeking for exploits, etc.

FREE Broken Link Reports

We provide BUD (Broken URL Detector) as a complimentary add-on to our hosting customers. Broken links on your website are not good for the SEO. BUD helps crawl your site for broken links and sends a summary report containing a list of broken links via email. Take advantage of this offer and help improve your Page Ranking by fixing broken links.

FREE Migration

If you decide to host with us, we will migrate your application from your current hosting provider for FREE and configure it to be functional.

100% Money Back Guarantee and Simple Billing

There are no catch22's in our billing. You pay only for the time you host with us. If you want to stop hosting with us mid-way of the period, we charge you only for the time you hosted with us and refund you the rest of the payment. We also offer 100% Customer Satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied for whatever reasons, we will issue a 100% refund.

Application Development and Maintenance services

If you would like to hire us to maintain your applications, we are all up for it ! For example: if you have a wordpress website we can do periodic upgrades. We can optimize your web applications to get higher scores on Google PageSpeed and GMetrix. Wouldn't it be nice to have hosting and development services all under the same roof of Dilli Labs ? Refer to the services page to find all the services we provide.

Read our clients' testimonials :

Our online marketing firm has been using Dilli Labs hosting for a couple years now for a few of our own high trafficked websites as well as client sites, and I always recommend this hosting for all of our clients. We are professionals at SEO/PPC, to dominate at both of these you absolutely need fast hosting which Dilli Labs has provided at lower prices than what other providers offer, with much better customer service.

Anybody who wants to discuss, feel free to email me.

Joe Webster
Director of Marketing, TOLM Inc.

You made it so simple. Hosting my site with Dilli Labs was the best decision our company has made in five years! Our website is more fast, easier to work with and responsive. We will continue to choose Dilli Labs for our web needs because they are smart, effective, trusted, educated and reliable. Most of all, they seem to be one step ahead of the market. It's like we have an assistant on staff that has a vested interested in our company's future. Thank you again for making a positive impact with our firm, while being there for us when we needed you most!

Dave Vincent
Executive Director, WPHLiveTV

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