Dilli Email Validation API : An Alternative to Mailgun

Mailgun is a great e-mail validation API that we once recommended and used. However, the recent decision by Mailgun to turn on the pricing switch has eroded a lot of its loyal users’ trust and confidence. Existing users are searching for alternatives to Mailgun for a cheaper and better solution. We were in a similar boat and hopped on to another e-mail validation service called Mailboxlayer which turned out to be very unreliable. This prompted us to create a new product in-house that will be far more superior than any e-mail validation API in the market with fair pricing. Thus, DEVA (Dilli Email Validation API) was born.

DEVA is a simple API to determine if a given e-mail address is invalid without sending a verification e-mail to the owner. Some of the factors used to determines validity of an e-mail address are as follows :

  • Format Validation : DEVA ensures that e-mail address is valid. Ex : e-mail addresses with missing @ are not valid.
  • MX Records’ Existence : DEVA validates that MX records exist for the domain tied to the e-mail address.
  • ESP (Email Service Provider) Grammar Rules: Ex : e-mails cannot have user part less than 4 characters. We learn new ESP grammar rules every now and then and incorporate into our validation algorithm.
  • Profanity Check : This is a distinguishing feature of DEVA. It checks e-mail addresses for profanities and marks them invalid if found. Ex : f*** may be a valid e-mail address but is marked invalid by DEVA because no sane person would use that.
  • Patterns : There are countless patterns we discovered while validating over 50,000 e-mails every month for our clients that are obviously invalid e-mails. Ex :,,, etc.  DEVA is constantly learning and building up the black listed patterns as our user base grows.
  • Blacklisted Domains : Ex: is reserved and can’t be used in practice. Therefore, all e-mails having this domain are marked invalid by DEVA.

DEVA is available at a simple Pricing of $0.005/validation for as many validations.

1000 e-mail validations will cost $8 with Mailgun but only $5 with DEVA.

To read more about DEVA including usage, testimonials and getting started, follow the link below :

Dilli Email Validation API (DEVA)

Thanksgiving Special – FREE Web Hosting for Farmers – 07/23 – 07/26

At Dilli Labs, “Farmers” are our role models. They work hard regardless of the situation and are disciplined – qualities we deploy in our own work culture. Therefore, this Thanksgiving, we are thanking them by announcing FREE web hosting for websites for farmers forever. We will migrate your site, host it on our servers and never charge you a penny !  No catch 22, no gimmicks – its as simple – you work hard and inspire us. Its the pay back time.

Conditions :

  1. Participants should prove that they are a farmer. An easy way to do so is to send us your current website.
  2. No Migration costs.
  3. Site should run with PHP 7, MySQL (we can evaluate for FREE if this is the case).
  4. Site size is less than 5GB. (we can evaluate for FREE if this is the case).
  5. Open to all farmers throughout the world.
  6. Offer valid till supplies last. First come First Serve.
  7. Offer ends 11:59 pm PDT, 07/26/2017 (mm/dd/yyyy)

Where are your servers and how are they ?

Our servers are co-located in San Francisco in a data center served by high bandwidth internet connection.

How to Participate ?

Simply send an e-mail to to get started. We will contact you.


Media Server (Red5) Hosting for existing HDFVR users

NuSoft recently announced that they will cease to support HDFVR – a popular flash based video recording platform for web applications – by end of 2017. You can find the official announcement on their blog here.

NuSoft plans to instead sell Pipe – a new video recording platform that they plan to offer as SaaS (Software As A Service). The basic service sells for $50/mo . The ‘pro’ service for $200/mo. See more details here.

They are also winding up their popular media server hosting service that cost b/w $15/month to $150/mo.

This move disrupts services for existing users of HDFVR especially those leveraging the media server hosting services provided by NuSoft.

Moving to Pipe is an expensive deal since they need to hire integration experts and also hop on to the monthly plan. Another alternative is to continue using HDFVR on your website with your own VPS/cloud media server. Dilli Labs is here to help you with this option. We now offer Red5 media server hosting for as low as $15/mo. We can also migrate your existing media to our server and configure your web application to move to new media server hosting. Interested ? Contact us now for more details at


Introducing DEVIL (Detection and Exclusion of Vulgar and Improper Language) API

Are you in the lead generation business ? Leads containing profanity are most likely spam leads. They go undetected coming from clean IPs with valid content. Since they go undetected, they unfortunately make it to your recipient and do much harm to the trust and thus your business. At Dilli Labs LLC, we advice that you validate your lead content for profanity using our following API and prevent sending the lead to your recipients if the lead contains vulgar keywords.

DEVIL (Detection and Exclusion of Vulgar and Improper Language) is a simple profanity filter REST API for developers that determines whether text contains profanity or not.

Click here for Demo, Usage and Pricing information.

WPHLiveTV Handball News - Alexa Flash Briefing Skill

Alexa Skill – WPHLiveTV Handball News

Dilli Labs is excited to have launched an Amazon Alexa flash briefing skill – WPHLiveTV Handball News – for its client – WPHLiveTV.  The skill enables Handball fans to listen to the latest news & information from around the world of handball, courtesy of WPHLiveTV. Up-to-date tournament scores, post match recaps and previews– all updated throughout the week.

The system we developed for WPHLiveTV gives them the ability to upload audio MP3 files and mark them active or inactive. The skill automatically retrieves the active uploaded audio files and plays them when it is invoked.

Here is a demo :


Read our client’s testimonial :

We hired Piyush Hari because of his extensive background work with Alexa App Construction and Development; however, it’s apparent that Mr. Hari has a wide array of talents related to the Techie Field, Today’s evolution of web-based info and modern/progressive/innovative industrial sciences. So much so, that I will be contacting his office first before consulting any other, regardless of our creative needs. Mr. Hari is more organized than any telecommunications/developer/programmer I’ve encountered and is very thorough, honest and ethical. Can I have him as my personal go-to-all and put him on the payroll please!??

Dave Vincent
Executive Director, WPHLiveTV

Interested in building your flash briefing Alexa skill ? Contact Us Now