Doctor Pooch now has Artificial Intelligence!

Doctor Pooch can now answer questions it did not know the answer to before using Artifical Intelligence. Our popular Amazon Alexa skill Doctor Pooch answers questions on whether certain food items are safe to be fed to one’s dog. Previously, it answered the questions users asked using a finite set of curated answers. This has been made possible with the general availability of Artificial Intelligence tools such as GPT-3 by OpenAI. The following diagram illustrates how we integrated GPT-3 in making Doctor Pooch more intelligent.

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Dilli Email Validator WordPress plugin now supports whitelisting email addresses

We are happy to announce the release of version 1.5.8 of Dilli Email Validator – a WordPress plugin that seamlessly embeds advanced email address validation capabilities in a WordPress site by integrating with Dilli Email Validation Service. This new version allows site admins to whitelist email addresses by adding them (as comma separated values) to the ‘Whitelist’ field in the plugin settings. If a use case in the WordPress site triggers validation of any of these whitelisted email addresses, our plugin will simply ignore it and not issue an API request to our email validation service. This would not only reduce the latency because of fewer API requests but also lower the cost since every API request consumes a validation credit. Thus, leading to a better user experience and a reduction in costs.

A classical example of where this feature is useful is when a site admin uses Contact Form 7 plugin for embedding forms on the site and have multiple recipients (to, bcc, and/or cc) configured to receive data from form submissions. While the intent of the site admin is to validate the user e-mail address (as filled in the form) only, the recipient e-mail addresses get validated in addition, upon every form submission. Each e-mail address validation issues a corresponding API request to our validation service. Only when our validation service validates all of the email addresses and responds to each of the queued API requests, the form submission succeeds. This leads to a bad user experience especially when there are many recipients configured in the Contact Form 7 settings. Now, with the ‘Whitelist’ feature, site admins can simply add the recipient email addresses configured in the Contact Form 7 plugin form settings to the ‘Whitelist’ field in the Dilli Email Validator plugin settings and the system will not validate the recipient email addresses upon a form submission leading to better user experience and reduction in costs.

Introducing – “Redwood City” Amazon Alexa Skill!

We are excited to announce the release of our newest Amazon Alexa Skill – “Redwood City” – which currently facilitates the look up of kids events in Redwood City (California, USA) libraries. Simply enable this skill and say – “Alexa, ask Redwood City about kids events” – and it will broadcast the kids events for that day.

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Amazon features Dilli Labs on Alexa Blog

Amazon Alexa Blog features “Dilli Labs”, its Amazon Alexa Skill Doctor Pooch, Smart City SaaS solution to build Alexa skills- VOICITY and it’s founder – Piyush Hari – in this blog article published April 21, 2023.
Windows 10 Logo

Dilli Labs Now Offers Windows Hosting

We are thrilled to announce the general availability of Windows Hosting to our customers. Now, one can host their applications based on ASP.NET, ASP, .NET Core, and SQL Server on Dilli Labs’ powerful, secure and reliable Windows servers. This supplements our existing Linux based hosting. Our servers have super fast SSD storage, at-least 8GB RAM, unmetered bandwidth and are installed on a Tier 3 data center here in the Silicon Valley. We provide free migration, 100% money back guarantee and 24/7 support (phone/email) to our hosting customers. For a complete list of perks associated with hosting with us, see here.

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Dilli Labs - 1 Sansome Street

Dilli Labs’ office has moved to One Sansome

Dilli Labs is excited to announce that we have relocated our San Francisco office to One Sansome Street – a 41-story premier office Class A tower located in the heart of the Financial District. We are easily accessible by all means of public transportation being situated right next to the Montgomery Street BART/MUNI station.

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Dilli Email Validator now detects Non-Business Email Addresses!

Dilli Email Validation now has the capability to detect non-business (common) email addresses from FREE email providers such as,,, etc. This feature is particularly useful when you want to filter out non-serious queries from your contact forms. Most prospects will enter their business email in your lead capture forms, not their personal e-mail addresses (,, etc.).

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Dilli Labs wins at the Amazon Hackathon

Dilli Labs LLC is among the winners at the Amazon Raise-up Buildathon – a Hackathon organized by Amazon Inc. The challenge was to create a solution to assist non-profits in fund-raising based on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Represented by the Hari brothers – Ashish and Piyush Hari – our entry – Magic Tree – was one of the 10 winners among 894 entries!

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“Doctor Pooch” is a trending skill on Alexa!

We are extremely pleased to announce that our very popular Alexa skill – Doctor Pooch – just got listed as one of the trending skills by Amazon. Clocking over 3200 daily downloads recently, Doctor Pooch has helped many dog and cat owners know if its safe to feed certain foods to their pet. And thats not the only thing Doctor Pooch does. It can play a soothing sound to help calm your anxious pet. It can also help you find a name for your pet. It also pranks you – try asking Doctor Pooch – Who let the dogs out? Or, just say Meow to hear cute kitten sounds.