Doctor Pooch now has Artificial Intelligence!

Doctor Pooch can now answer questions it did not know the answer to before using Artifical Intelligence. Our popular Amazon Alexa skill Doctor Pooch answers questions on whether certain food items are safe to be fed to one’s dog. Previously, it answered the questions users asked using a finite set of curated answers. This has been made possible with the general availability of Artificial Intelligence tools such as GPT-3 by OpenAI. The following diagram illustrates how we integrated GPT-3 in making Doctor Pooch more intelligent.

Lets say a user wants to know if dogs can eat “fried banana ice cream”. Amazon Alexa’s NLP (Natural Language Processing) model interprets the food value to be “friend banana ice cream”. We then use that as a key to look up an item in our database (DynamoDB) table. Failing to find it, we then delegate the control to OpenAI APIs using GPT-3 model to fetch the answer to “can dogs eat friend banana ice cream”. Doctor Pooch then conveys that answer to the user via Amazon Alexa.