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Physical Inventory Management via Google Assistant

Over the weekend, we had the opportunity to participate in a developer event organized by Intuit to devise a solution to help small businesses. We teamed up with Mr. Jeff Chen – a friend and a small business owner – and Ms. Puja M. Hari to make it easy for businesses to perform a physical inventory. We wrote an Action for Google Assistant named ‘Inventory Manager’ that helps update the quantity on hand for an item in Quickbooks via voice.



Physical inventory is the process of updating the quantities of inventory items in QuickBooks after doing a physical count in the store. During this time, store owners go from aisle to aisle counting items and recording the count. Traditionally, this is done using a sheet of paper where updated counts are recorded. The updated quantity on hand for each item is then transferred to Quickbooks manually. This is both time consuming and cumbersome. Here is a sample of the Physical Inventory Worksheet that typically needs to be filled :

Physical Inventory Worksheet

There are mobile scanners such as in the image below that can assist in scanning and recording the inventory count but they don’t work for products without bar code.

Barcode Scanner

Inventory Manager is an action for Google Assistant that helps with the following:

  • Instantly get current item count via voice
  • Instantly set item count via voice.
  • Instantly get notified if the item is running low.

Our special thanks to Jeff and Puja for their help in this project. If you like this idea and would like to invest in making it a product contact us here.Here are some photos from the hack:

Jeff, Piyush and Puja Selfie at Hackathon Jeff and Piyush presenting on stage at hackathon. Jeff, Puja and Piyush at hackathon

DeveloperWeek Hackathon 2017

I (Piyush Hari) represented Dilli Labs LLC at the DeveloperWeek 2017 hackathon on Feb 11 and 12. I paired up with Dudi Shmueli who was looking for technical help around Android. He came up with a fabulous idea – to accept merchant reviews at the point-of-sale (PoS) ! Think of Amazon verified reviews but for in-person (not online) purchases.

Use Case : A customer completes the transaction on a Clover Point-of-Sale (PoS) device. After successful payment, he can leave a Star-Rating (1-5) of the business in his experience.


The idea is motivated by the fact that current rating sites providing aggregated reviews of a business have inaccuracies. Competitors can leave negative reviews without doing business with merchant. Satisfied customers might not bother to log-in to these sites in order to leave a ‘good’ review whereas angry and dissatisfied customers would let it out in their ‘bad’ review.


Clover – now owned by First Data – has PoS devices that is based on Android OS. Clover Android SDK allows one to deploy 3rd party apps to a Clover PoS device that can interject into payment flow of a core Clover order processing app to offer a ‘review’ feature. Broadcasts is a well-known mechanism in Android wherein an app can broadcast an event and other applications can listen to them by registering Broadcast Receivers.

The following video demonstrates the proof-of-concept we built :