Instant Alert Info Graphic

“Instant Alert” Google Assistant Action Launched

We are delighted to announce the general availability of Instant Alert in the Google Assistant Directory. Instant Alert is a Google Assistant Action that allows users to send an emergency alert to all their contacts by simply talking to a voice assistant. Recipients can then do a wellness check on them.

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Catholic Teacher Resources NEW website Released !

Dilli Labs LLC is pleased to announce the launch of the new Catholic Teacher Resources* website for its client –  Roman Catholic Communications Corporation.

*Design and Content Credits : Sharon Lawrence

There were various issues with the previous website. It was compromised periodically, it did not render well on a mobile device (phones and tablets), it was slow and had numerous bugs.

Dilli Labs LLC was hired to revamp the website and to seamlessly migrate existing members to the new site. Over a course of 5 months, we worked arduously to build the new website with help from Catholic Telemedia Network (CTN) for the content and design part.