Amazon features ‘Doctor Pooch’ Alexa Skill

We are delighted to know that Amazon featured our ‘Doctor Pooch‘ Alexa Skill in their weekly email on Apr 8, 2018 to their subscribers.  Doctor Pooch is an Amazon Alexa skill by Dilli Labs for dog owners and caretakers to find if their furry friends can eat certain foods. Simply say, Alexa, ask Doctor Pooch if dogs can eat <name of food> and get a well-researched response citing the source of the information and tips on feeding like amount and frequency. Here’s a snippet: Here’s the entire email. Jump to Page 2 to see ‘Doctor Pooch’. Alexa-Skills-Always-ready-to-help-or-entertain

‘Potrero View’ features ‘Dogpatch Solutions Tracker’

We are exhilarated to know that a local neighborhood newspaper Potrero View has done a story on Dogpatch Solutions Tracker in their May 2017 issue.

‘Dogpatch Solutions Tracker’ is a personal not-for-profit idea that is being incubated at Dilli Labs to help solve neighborhood problems by involving residents.

Here is the link to their online edition featuring Dogpatch Solutions Tracker :

New App Helps Dogpatch Residents Report Neighborhood Problems
Dogpatch Solutions Tracker – Potrero View – May 2017