Dilli Labs accepted to Google Cloud for Startups program

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Google has accepted us in their coveted Google Cloud for Startups program. We look forward to exploring and using Google Cloud services to secure and scale the products we are incubating here at Dilli Labs. Thank you Google!

About Google Cloud for Startups : The Google Cloud for Startups program is designed for early-stage startups to take advantage of community events, training, and Cloud credits as they build and scale the business.

Dilli Labs Logo plus STiR logo plus City Of Henderson Logo Plus Amazon Echo Dot image

City of Henderson selects Dilli Labs to develop Amazon Alexa Voice Assistants

San Francisco, CA: Today, DILLI LABS announced that it has been selected by City of Henderson, Nevada, USA through a competitive process to participate in its 2019 Startup in Residence (STIR) program. Nearly 700 startups competed for a chance to work with 22 governments for the opportunity to secure a contract. The selected startups will volunteer their time with government agencies over 16-weeks to tackle civic challenges with new technology tools and services with an objective to enter into a contract with the government agency at the end of the residency.

San Francisco based DILLI LABS will work with City of Henderson to enable city residents to have a voice interface to city services.

“We are excited to join hands with City of Henderson and help them ride the wave of voice assistants to better the lives of their residents.” said Piyush Hari, Principal at DILLI LABS. He added, “Using an intelligent voice assistant based on Amazon Alexa to connect to city services will be very natural and convenient compared to the conventional ways using web, mobile or telephony. The day is not far when all of the cities will deploy voice assistants that will serve as the primary channel for their residents to interact with city services.”

DILLI LABS wrote their first voice assistant back in 2016 with the launch of Doctor Pooch – an Alexa skill that one can talk to in order to find if its safe to feed dogs certain foods – a common use case among dog owners. With about 50,000+ unique customers since launch, being featured numerous times, and providing a continuous revenue stream, the success of Doctor Pooch speaks volumes about the power of voice assistants. Since then, the company has written over 10 Alexa skills and 1 Google Assistant Action. One of the other interesting skill – DILLI FORMS – allows users to request popular forms like W-9 and Freedom of Information Act delivered straight to one’s email inbox by simply asking for it.“In the context of cities, imagine residents asking for the Park Reservation Form and getting it delivered straight to their inbox pre-filled with their name, phone, email and address! It seems like magic, it really is.”, said Piyush.

As featured in Crunchbase – STIR Challenges 40 New Startups To Collaborate With Governments.

STIR is now in 22 governments across the US and Canada and has worked with nearly 100 startups. The national STIR program is supported by City Innovate.

“The Startup in Residence program is a model for civic innovation and national collaboration,” said Jay Nath, former Chief Innovation Officer for San Francisco and Executive Director for City Innovate. “This program is a unique opportunity for government agencies and startups to think creatively about how we can all work together to modernize government to benefit residents.”

Past projects in other communities have included working on issues such as streamlining the foster care application process, smart sensors on trash cans, homeless health services, volunteer engagement tools, and developing tools to assess the damage in the aftermath of an emergency like an earthquake or flooding. The program also offers education for government and startup staff in areas including design thinking, lean methodologies, procurement, civic technology trends, and new methods of product development and procurement.

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About DILLI LABS: Dilli Labs is a premium technology consulting firm based out of San Francisco, California specializing in development of voice assistants. To learn more about Dilli Labs visit: https://www.dillilabs.com

About STIR: Startup in Residence (STIR) connects startups with government agencies to develop technology products that solve real civic challenges through a 16-week program. See all the 2019 STIR team partnerships here. To learn more about Startup in Residence visit: https://startupinresidence.org.

Dilli Email Validator (DEV) version released!

WordPress 5.0 is out. We are excited to report that a new version ( of Dilli Email Validator (DEV) WordPress plugin has now been released and is certified to work with WordPress 5.0.

Dilli Email Validator adds advanced email validation capabilities to your email address form field. Prevent incorrect and mis-typed email addresses in forms on your wordpress website with this plugin. Watch the video below to learn more:

DEVA detects restricted domains

Dilli Email Validation API (DEVA) now detects email domains belonging to adult sites

Tired of constant spam with explicit content that are sent from email addresses with domains pointing to objectionable sites? Deploy Dilli Email Validation API to your rescue now!

Dilli Email Validation API (DEVA) now supports an optional check to mark email addresses as invalid if their domain points to a site containing sexually explicit content. This feature is currently in beta and is available immediately to existing and new users. However, it is turned off by default. If you are an existing user and will like to enable this check on your account, please reach out to us.

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Doctor Pooch featured under Staff Picks on Alexa Skill Store

‘Doctor Pooch’ Alexa Skill Featured on Alexa Skill Store

We are delighted to learn that Amazon featured Doctor Pooch on Amazon Alexa Skill Store under Staff Picks today. Doctor Pooch is a digital assistant available on Alexa that lets pet owners determine if its safe to feed a given food item to their dog. For example: You can say: Alexa, ask Doctor Pooch if dogs can eat cashews.

Doctor Pooch featured under Staff Picks on Alexa Skill Store
inventory manager featured image

Physical Inventory Management via Google Assistant

Over the weekend, we had the opportunity to participate in a developer event organized by Intuit to devise a solution to help small businesses. We teamed up with Mr. Jeff Chen – a friend and a small business owner – and Ms. Puja M. Hari to make it easy for businesses to perform a physical inventory. We wrote an Action for Google Assistant named ‘Inventory Manager’ that helps update the quantity on hand for an item in Quickbooks via voice.



Physical inventory is the process of updating the quantities of inventory items in QuickBooks after doing a physical count in the store. During this time, store owners go from aisle to aisle counting items and recording the count. Traditionally, this is done using a sheet of paper where updated counts are recorded. The updated quantity on hand for each item is then transferred to Quickbooks manually. This is both time consuming and cumbersome. Here is a sample of the Physical Inventory Worksheet that typically needs to be filled :

Physical Inventory Worksheet

There are mobile scanners such as in the image below that can assist in scanning and recording the inventory count but they don’t work for products without bar code.

Barcode Scanner

Inventory Manager is an action for Google Assistant that helps with the following:

  • Instantly get current item count via voice
  • Instantly set item count via voice.
  • Instantly get notified if the item is running low.

Our special thanks to Jeff and Puja for their help in this project. If you like this idea and would like to invest in making it a product contact us here.Here are some photos from the hack:

Jeff, Piyush and Puja Selfie at Hackathon Jeff and Piyush presenting on stage at hackathon. Jeff, Puja and Piyush at hackathon