Dilli Email Validation API (DEVA)

Dilli Email Validation API (DEVA) validates an email address instantly without sending a verification email to it. Stop spammers from submitting forms with fake email addresses, warn users of mistyped email address or clean up a mailing list using DEVA.


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Dilli Email Validator plugin provides a seamless plug and play integration of DEVA into your WordPress site.


dilli-email-validation npm package lets you easily embed DEVA in your Node.js app.


GET https://deva.dillilabs.com/api/{API_KEY}/email/{address}
true if valid
false if invalid

How DEVA validates an email address?

  • Format Validation : DEVA ensures that an email address has a valid format. Ex : validusergmail.com is invalid email address because its missing the ‘@’ before the domain ‘gmail.com’.
  • MX Records : An email address with a domain that does not have an MX record in its DNS settings is invalid. Ex: user@domainWithNoMXRecord is invalid. DEVA finds if MX records exists for the domain tied to an email address. If no MX records exist, the email address is reported as invalid.
  • Disposable/Temporary Email Address detection : DEVA maintains a list of throwaway/disposable email addresses or junk collector email addresses and validates emails against this list. Ex : user@0-mail.com will be invalid.
  • ESP (Email Service Provider) Grammar Rules: Ex : @yahoo.com emails cannot have user part less than 4 characters. We learn new ESP grammar rules every now and then and incorporate into our validation algorithm.
  • Spam Email Address detection : DEVA has access to a gigantic third party database of email addresses known to spam. It queries this database to determine the validity of an email address. Ex : aanetaegooglety@gmail.com is one such email address that is known to spam.
  • Profanity Check : This is a distinguishing feature of DEVA. It checks email addresses for profanities and marks them invalid if found.
  • Role Based Email Address detection : DEVA detects generic group role based email addresses like info@, support@, store@, etc and marks such email addresses as invalid.
  • Patterns : There are countless patterns we discovered while validating over 50,000 emails every month for our clients that are obviously invalid emails. Ex : jondoe@gmail.com, foobar@gmail.com, noemail@gmail.com, etc. DEVA is constantly learning and building up the black listed patterns as our user base grows.
  • Blacklisted Domains : Ex: example.com is reserved and can’t be used in practice. Therefore, all emails having this domain are marked invalid by DEVA.
  • Safe Domains : If the domain represents an adult site, the email is treated as invalid. This check is turned off by default but can be turned on upon request.
  • Custom Blocklist : You may request certain valid domains, emails and users to be blocked. For example: A site may never want any mail.ru email address to be used on their site due to the higher probability of it being a malicious email address. We can add such custom requests to your validation.

Note: You may request to disable any of the above filters when validating with DEVA.

Client Testimonials

We do online lead generation in various verticals using Dilli Labs Email Validation (DEVA) which has been crucial to our success. We’ve tried a couple different services, all of which charge significantly more while doing significantly less. I can’t recommend this product enough, GREAT value here.

Joe Webster
Director of Marketing, TOLM Inc.


FREE 100 validations upon signing-up. After that, 1/2 a cent per validation or $10/mo whichever is greater billed on a monthly basis. Note : Our experts will integrate DEVA in your system at no additional charge. Sign Up now to get your API key and start validating email addresses with DEVA.

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