‘Dilli Email Validator’ WordPress Plugin

Dilli Email Validator (DEV) WordPress plugin verifies user-typed email address in any form on your WordPress site and prevents form submission if the email address is found to be invalid. It uses Dilli Email Validation API (DEVA) to validate an email address. In addition to syntactical errors, DEVA checks for compliance with Email Service Provider (ESP) grammar rules and existence of MX records. It also checks it against a list of known malicious email addresses used for spamming and phishing attacks. Other checks like detecting disposable/temporary addresses, role-based addresses, and profanity are also included.

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Why use Dilli Email Validation API Service?

  • Checks for Valid E-mail Format. Ex: fooAtdillilabs.com is invalid.
  • Checks for profanity in user part of e-mail address. Ex: f***you@dillilabs.com is invalid.
  • Checks for existence of MX records for the e-mail address domain. Ex: foobar@dillilabs.co is invalid because no MX records exist for it.
  • Checks for conformity with ESP (Email Service Provider) grammar rules. Ex : @yahoo.com e-mails cannot have user part less than 4 characters. Dilli Email Validation Service learns new ESP grammar rules every now and then and incorporates into its validation algorithm.
  • Check for Disposable Email Addresses.
  • Checks against StopForumSpam.com database of black listed email addresses.
  • Checks for role-based group email addresses. Ex: info@dillilabs.com, support@dillilabs.com
  • Checks user and domain parts of an e-mail address for known malicious patterns. Ex: jondoe@gmail.com, foobar@yahoo.com, idontwanttogive@gmail.com will be treated as invalid.
  • Checks domain part of an email address against a block list and reserved domains. Ex: example.com is a reserved domain. So, any e-mail following in @example.com is treated as invalid.

This plugin requires a Dilli Email Validation API Key which can be obtained for FREE by signing up here.


  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Install the plugin via WP-ADMIN by uploading the downloaded archive.
  3. Activate the Dilli Email Validator┬áplugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Configure the plugin by going to`Settings > Email Validation` page.
  5. Get API Key by signing up with Dilli Email Validation API here.
  6. Paste your API key in WP-ADMIN at `Settings > Email Validation` page and hit Save.