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Dilli Labs LLC is a premium technology consulting and software development company based out of San Francisco, California, USA right in the heart of Silicon Valley. We also offer premium web hosting on our powerful servers with complimentary FREE SSL Certificate for life and unlimited storage. Read our testimonials, check out our portfolio, explore our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products.


Our popular SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) products includes an email validation service (DEVA), an ip validation service (DIVA), a profanity detection service (DeVIL), an ip geolocation service (DIL) and a broken link checking service (BUD).

Dilli Email Validation API (DEVA)

Validate an email address instantly using this API. Easy integration via WordPress plugin and Node.js package.

Broken URL Detector (BUD)

An automated service that crawls your website, checks for broken links and emails you a report. Improve your SEO.

Dilli IP Validation API (DIVA)

Use this API to detect IP addresses of malicious users known to mount malicious attacks on internet.

Dilli IP Location (DIL)

Use this API to detect the geolocation of a given IP address.

Profanity Filtering API (DeVIL)

Using this API check for existence of bad/obscene words in a text.


We can also be hired to troubleshoot your existing software project or to bring an idea to life. We do full stack development based on modern technology stacks like MEAN (Mongo Express Angular Node), LEMP (Linux nginX MySQL PHP) and Laravel (PHP based) deployed on Cloud (AWS) or on-premise. We specialize in development of Amazon Alexa skills, iOS applications, WordPress websites and custom web applications.

Voice Apps

Get your Amazon Alexa or Google Home Application developed.

Mobile Apps

Get your iOS or Android mobile application developed.

Web Apps

Get your WordPress or Custom Website of any stack developed.


Any other software solution.

Web Hosting

Fast, secure and reliable web hosting with free SSL certificate, daily remote backups, 24/7 support and more.

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