DEVA now detects Disposable Email Addresses

DEVA (Dilli Email Validation API) now includes the ability to detect and flag Disposable a.k.a Throwaway a.k.a Temporary email addresses.

Disposable Email Address (DEA) is a temporary email address that is primarily intended for owners to hide their real email address. Users can request such an address from DEA providers like This address is ephemeral – it expires after a short period. It is used by real users to circumvent a registration process where email is required without providing their actual email address. Depending on the provider, some of these addresses can be public as well, i.e anyone can access its inbox. For ex: Click here to see the public inbox of

While initially invented to safeguard privacy, disposable addresses are now being actively abused to submit invalid data via web forms and such. Email broadcasting is a great marketing tool for genuine businesses who like to send periodic notifications to its list subscribers. Having throwaway email addresses in your recipient list means greater bounce rate given the temporary nature of such addresses. Given the frivolous nature of such addresses, its best to not have any DEA addresses in your subscription list.

Another example where such addresses can do harm to your business reputation is if your business is in the lead generation industry. Imagine selling a lead with email to your lead customers? Such an occurrence can do some serious damage to your relationship with them.

In summary, having disposable email addresses in new leads or opportunities can do serious harm to businesses. It may hurt your conversion rate and business reputation.

Starting today, we have integrated a validation rule in Dilli Email Validation API (DEVA) to detect disposable addresses and mark them as invalid. We actively maintain a list of 3000+ disposable email address providers that we check an email domain against to ensure its not disposable. Here are a few ways one can leverage DEVA to stop disposable addresses from making through to you: