Jeopardy themed Pope Francis HTML5 Game

JEOPARDY Game in HTML5/JavaScript

Our client – Roman Catholic Communications Corporation – operates a membership website – – that we helped develop. It offers resources for teachers to help impart religious (catholic) education to students from K-12. Among the teacher resources available are Flash games that are designed around the game of Jeopardy and are a fun way to teach students about various topics. Adobe is planning to end-of-life Flash by the end of 2020. As a result, all major browsers will stop supporting Flash soon. The solution is to re-write these games in HTML5/JavaScript. The following video demonstrates an HTML5 Jeopardy game that we helped port:

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Instant Alert Info Graphic

“Instant Alert” Google Assistant Action Launched

We are delighted to announce the general availability of Instant Alert in the Google Assistant Directory. Instant Alert is a Google Assistant Action that allows users to send an emergency alert to all their contacts by simply talking to a voice assistant. Recipients can then do a wellness check on them.

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Dilli Email Validator WordPress Plugin crosses 1000 downloads!

We are excited to report that our WordPress plugin – Dilli Email Validator – which provides advanced email address validation capabilities in WordPress websites has crossed 1000 downloads with over 70+ active installations till date. We are very proud of this feat.

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country game alexa skill logo

“Country Game” New Version Released On Amazon Alexa

We are excited to release an update to our popular Alexa Game Skill – Country Game. This version is a complete rewrite of the game leveraging some of the new ASK (Alexa Skill Kit) SDK features such as persistent attributes.

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Dilli Labs founder Piyush Hari poses with Dilli Labs logo in background at Samsung Developer Conference 2019.

Dilli Labs at Samsung Developer Conference 2019

Samsung Developer Conference 2019 (SDC’19) took place in downtown San Jose, California Oct 29-30 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. Dilli Labs was invited as a Samsung Bixby Premier Developer Partner to showcase our Bixby Capsule – Doctor Pooch – and to also participate in a panel discussion with Adam Cheyer – co-founder of Siri, founding member of (world’s largest petitioning platform) and now VP at Viv Labs – the company behind Samsung Bixby.

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Car Shipping Google Assistant Action Info Graphic

Google Assistant Action “Car Shipping” Released

We are excited to announce the general availability of the Google Assistant Action – Car Shipping – developed for our client TOLM (Taylor Online Marketing) Inc.. Getting car shipping estimates in United States of America just got a lot easier. Just say – Hey Google, talk to Car Shipping – on your Google Assistant and follow the conversation. Within minutes, you will get auto transport quotes delivered straight to your inbox!

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Dilli Labs Logo and Samsung Bixby Premier Developer Badge

Dilli Labs partners with Samsung to launch Doctor Pooch on Bixby


San Francisco, CA, August 24, 2019: Today, Dilli Labs announced the general availability of its popular voice application “Doctor Pooch” on Bixby – Samsung’s voice assistant. Want to know if dogs can eat raisins? Simply say – “Hi Bixby, ask Doctor Pooch can dogs eat raisins?” on your Bixby-enabled devices and hear Doctor Pooch answer your question. Doctor Pooch is already available on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Developed in partnership with Samsung as a Bixby Premier Developer Partner, Dilli Labs aims to extend the app’s outreach by making it available as a Bixby capsule.

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Our Alexa Skill “Doctor Pooch” crosses 500 reviews!

We are excited to report that our Amazon Alexa skill – Doctor Pooch – got its 500th review today!

Doctor Pooch answers if dogs or cats can eat certain foods or drink certain drinks. It also helps pick a name for your pup. Doctor Pooch can also play soothing music to calm your pet.

Learn more about Doctor Pooch by clicking the card below.