Media Server (Red5) Hosting for existing HDFVR users

NuSoft recently announced that they will cease to support¬†HDFVR – a popular flash based video recording platform for web applications – by end of 2017. You can find the official announcement on their blog here. NuSoft plans to instead sell Pipe – a new video recording platform that they plan to offer as SaaS (Software As A Service). The basic service sells for $50/mo . The ‘pro’ service for $200/mo. See more details here. They are also winding up their popular media server hosting service that cost b/w $15/month to $150/mo. This move disrupts services for existing users of HDFVR especially those leveraging the media server hosting services provided by NuSoft. Moving to Pipe is an expensive deal since they need to hire integration experts and also hop on to the monthly plan.¬†Another alternative is to continue using HDFVR on your website with your own VPS/cloud media server. Dilli Labs is here to help you with this option. We now offer Red5 media server hosting for as low as $15/mo. We can also migrate your existing media to our server and configure your web application to move to new media server hosting. Interested ? Contact us now for more details at